Since 1974 Prometeia has been providing innovative solutions to meet the needs of financial institutions, institutional investors, companies and public entities. We offer a unique skills mix in risk management, wealth management, financial advisory, business consulting and knowledge training to our clients.

hedge accounting

The module has been specifically designed to meet the diverse requirements for compliance with the new IAS39 provisions.

European Wealth Management Technology Vendors: Evaluating Front-to-Back Office Vendors

Prometeia’s Wealth Management platform (PFTPro Suite) has recently won a Celent award for its advanced technology.


Presentation conference of the Economic Outlook and the Industrial Sector Analysis

As part of the collaboration between Prometeia and the Foreign Press Association.


Save the date: Rapporto di Previsione (Economic Outlook) – October 2014

Save the date: Previsione dei Bilanci Bancari (Banking Sector Forecast) – October 2014

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  • Scenari Economie Locali (lug-14): nel 2015 l’ulteriore aumento della #disoccupazione in Italia si ripercuoterà interamente sul Sud
  • Scenari Economie Locali (lug-14): nel 2014 tasso di #disoccupazione fermo al Nord Est, ma ancora in salita nelle altre aree
  • Scenari Economie Locali (lug-14): anche per i #consumi delle famiglie il 2014 si prospetta difficoltoso per il Mezzogiorno