40 years ago,
on October 9th 1974,
Prometeia Associazione
was founded.
Since 1974 Prometeia has been providing innovative solutions to meet the needs of financial institutions, institutional investors, companies and public entities. We offer a unique skills mix in risk management, wealth management, financial advisory, business consulting and knowledge training to our clients.

operational risk

A tool for measuring Operational Risks in accordance with the Basic, Standard and Advanced Basel approaches.

Presentation conference of the Economic Outlook at the Foreign Press

On October 22nd 2014 at 11:30am Stefania Tomasini, Head of analyzes and forecasts on the Italian economy for Prometeia Association, will present the Economic Outlook on the progress of the national and international economies at the headquarters of the Foreign Press Association in Milan.


Financial Services Firm Help Banks Improve Risk Management with Analytics Platform System

By using SQL Server 2012 Analytics Platform System, Prometeia decreased some critical processes from more than four hours to just a few minutes. We are now able to give our customers faster results, greater insight, and more detailed data.


Save the date: Rapporto di Previsione (Economic Outlook) – January 2015

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  • #MAS Dic14 - Anche nel 2015 contrazione della raccolta danni, tassi più contenuti e crescita dal 2016
  • #MAS Dic 14 - Torna a crescere nel 2014 la raccolta del comparto non auto: +1.3% su base annua a settembre
  • #MAS Dic 14 - A partire dal 2015 attese di rallentamento della raccolta complessiva vita, crescita più intensa di polizze unit
  • #MAS Dic 14 - Migliora la redditività tecnica del comparto danni nonostante la flessione ancora importante della raccolta
  • #MAS Dic 14 - Risultato del comparto vita positivo grazie all’aumento della raccolta e al miglioramento di efficienza
  • #MAS Dic 14 - Performance annua dell’indice assicurativo italiano +1.3%, inferiore a quella dell’indice generale +3.7%
prometeia is a partner of ELITE
As part of the "ELITE" project of the Italian Stock Exchange, Prometeia is officially one of the Equity Markets Partners with the role of Advisor.